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Looking to change your hiring software? Here's what you should know


The talent shortage is turning into a bit of a crisis!

I have talked to multiple firms recently that have been looking to make a change…They switched from a standalone Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to a module offered by an end-to-end option with an ATS that is fully integrated with onboarding, payroll, HR, etc.

And to be honest, the reason why they switched was valid… 

They were hoping for a fully integrated platform where data would flow seamlessly from one module to the next, and their team would have easy access to that data through a single login.

This may be the same reason why you switched from a standalone best-of-breed system over to an end-to-end module that's provided by a much bigger and wider software platform.

Switching your hiring software often leads to unintended, but quite severe consequences

Firms that I have spoken with have all mentioned:

  • They saw an immediate, substantial drop in their applicant flow.
  • Even after they got their applicant flow turned back on, it was still much lower than it was before.
  • Even by spending more money, they couldn’t get their applicant flow back to where it was to begin with.

Does this sound familiar? 

Most of these people are completely confused, surprised, and frustrated… feeling like they are the only ones experiencing this. But the fact of the matter is, this is probably the 100th time I've heard the same story!

Back before our current talent crisis, these stories may have played out all over the United States in different-sized organizations and different industries.

The reason why you probably haven’t heard of them is that most people assumed that the change in applicant flow had something to do with the economy or something like that. But, in actuality, it was most likely caused by their software.

There are a handful of mistakes companies make when switching from one hiring software to another

  1. They assume all applicant tracking systems are the same, and they don’t know how they all work.

  2. They ask the wrong questions, or no questions at all, when it comes to analyzing the switch from one system to another.

  3. Or, if they are asking the right questions, they are listening to a pitch from a sales rep who really doesn’t know whether there will be problems with sourcing or not. (or just straight up lied about it).

If you’re looking to switch from one hiring software to another, here’s what you need to know…

  1. Changing an applicant tracking system provider, when that system is the one distributing your jobs out to the job board, will cause disruption no matter what. But the question is, how long will that disruption last?

  2. Not all applicant tracking systems have the same level of integration with job boards. It's not just the number of job boards that matter, but the actual level of integration that is there.

  3. The level of that integration impacts more than just the integration itself (meaning whether your job shows up on the job board or not, or how applicants apply). It also impacts the rankings of your job when a job seeker goes to search for it. Bad rankings end up harming the number of applicants that apply.

Here’s the solution…

You must either become an expert on how these different software platforms are interacting with each other-OR-you need to make sure you're talking to an expert when you decide to make the shift.

If you're experiencing this problem right now, we’d love to talk through what exactly is going on and what you can do to solve it.

Or if you're looking at making the switch in the future, we can talk through what to expect and most importantly, give you a plan of attack to solve the problem of suddenly seeing a dramatic drop in applicants when you switch from one ATS to the next.

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Boost Your Applicant Flow Today!


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