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What is Recruitment Marketing

A common pain trending in the hiring world lately is that employers have been unable to find applicants for their jobs amid the current talent shortage.  


And if they do get applicants, the ones that they get are either not very good or simply lack engagement. 


The truth is, the number of available jobs in the market far surpasses the number of job seekers…by almost DOUBLE! 


For every 1 job seeker out there looking, there are, on average, about 1.7 jobs available…if your firm is looking to hire right now, those odds are stacked against you. As of January 2023, there were 10.8 million job openings versus only 5.7 million unemployed people.  There are basically twice as many job openings as there are people to fill those jobs.

The talent shortage is real and most employers are realizing that trying to solve this problem on their own is only getting them farther behind the competition. 

Maybe it’s time for Recruitment Marketing?

Recruitment Marketing is the new way to solve your firm’s sourcing problems.

While there is clearly demand for this new service, there is plenty of confusion between vendors & customers about what it is all about. 

Recruitment marketing is NOT a do-it-yourself software tool or a done-for-you recruiting agency. 

So, what is Recruitment Marketing?

Effectively, recruitment marketing is hiring an agency to unpack your current hiring situation and help you and your team set up, launch, and expand a new recruiting strategy.

This not only provides you with expert knowledge and tools to find and attract applicants, but also puts you in complete control over your applicant pool and the quality of hires. 

How does Recruitment Marketing solve my current recruiting problems? 

The first thing to focus on is short-term emergency management that will make an impact and a mid-term roadmap to help you build a talent engine that’ll solve your current hiring needs.


This normally involves assessing your target, rewriting your job ads, taking your inbound and outbound strategy and retargeting, and creating an employee referral program that WORKS. 

Recruitment Marketing to drive long-term hiring success

While recruitment marketing will solve your current hiring needs, the main goal is to be proactive in building a talent engine that will solve your future hiring needs. 

Creating a long-term approach will provide you with the tools and resources to grow your company, drive your talent engine, and constantly improve your strategy to adjust to the specific needs of your organization. 

Is Recruitment Marketing the right solution for my organization? 

We’ve put together an Intro to Recruitment Marketing Webinar to talk through recruitment marketing and provide insight into figuring out if your organization needs it! 

We’ll also walk you through…

  • How to identify your organization's needs.
  • How to analyze the different types that are available.
  • How to compare and contrast providers and what they have to offer.
  • How to calculate the break-even & ROI of a service like this.
  • How to get buy-in from your organization.
  • And most importantly... how to ensure that the initiative is a success!

You can register for the webinar here...

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applicant attraction funnel

Boost Your Applicant Flow Today!


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